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Top Reasons Why Commercial Doors Fail Fire & Safety Inspections

One of the most common reasons businesses fail fire & safety inspections is because of improperly working doors. That’s why we wanted to take the time to put together some commercial doors fire & safety inspection tips for our clients. The majority of our new commercial door repair service requests come from businesses that fail a safety & fire inspection.

While most infractions when a commercial door fails inspection are minor repairs, some could potentially be very dangerous in an emergency situation. There are also a lot of other benefits to properly working doors & hardware, however, in this blog post, we will concentrate on ways to pass fire & safety inspections.

1.)Stuck or Jammed Emergency Exit Doors

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Fortunately, most businesses never encounter emergency situations, but on the other hand, unused emergency exits can sag, rust, & get stuck even when not in use. Changes in temperature, especially during periods of excessive cold or heat, can cause doors to expand & contract.

So for our first commercial doors fire & safety inspection tip is to make sure you check doors routinely or have a service like Southeastern Door Solutions come out & inspect doors regularly. Even if you can’t fix them yourselves, knowing beforehand can prevent the failure of an inspection in the future.

2.)Worn Out or Out of Date Hardware

Worn-out and/or rusted commercial door hinges are one of the top reasons for jammed doors. There are also door closures, emergency exit door alarms, door chains, & other hardware required on certain types of doorways like emergency exits and stairwell doors in commercial buildings.

Even when not in use these types of commercial door hardware are prone to damage & failure. We can make sure that all your commercial door hardware is properly working.

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3.) Building Code Changes

While your business might be retail sales, building codes change all the time, so the next time your fire & safety inspection comes due the codes may have changed. Being in retail it wouldn’t be normal to follow building codes, so that’s why there are commercial door specialists like Southeast Door Solutions to stay up to date on building, safety, & energy codes for you.

From missing signage to updated door hardware, building code changes are a frequent cause for doors. to fail inspection. Fortunately, we carry & install all these types of signage & hardware to help you get up to date on building codes in a timely manner.


As you can see there are plenty of ways for your business doors to fail a fire & safety inspection. Most of the failures we see are for minor infractions, however, when an emergency exit door is stuck or jammed it could be a potential danger in the event of a fire or emergency event.

There’s also the issue of frustrated customers or employees dealing with a broken bathroom door lock or taking too much time to lock & unlock the storefront door. So to help prevent these types of issues & frustrations, it’s good to have a commercial door expert on speed dial like Southeast Door Solutions in the Charlotte NC area.

We hope this has been a helpful blog post on commercial doors & how they can cause your business to fail a routine fire & safety inspection. Be sure to follow our blog & to follow us on Facebook as well.

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